Sitka Arts

In a world highly dependent on electronic media for speed and efficiency, important aspects of meaningful communication can get lost.

Sitka Arts creations use richly colored and iconic images in marriage with the wise words of poets, philosophers and other great thinkers to deepen appreciation for the mystery, wisdom, and the beauty of life.

For thousands of years, in a variety of cultures, mandala images have been used to evoke meditative states, create sacred space, and promote a sense of wholeness. The mandala is most commonly used as a plan, chart, or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically- a microcosm of the universe from the human perspective.

Using an improvisational process, each picture is created from altered photographic images. Quotes are then selected to mirror the intention of the image. Future work from Sitka Arts will include mixed media images, paintings, and drawings.

Cards from Sitka Arts

Web-ordering coming soon! For now you may order cards by email or phone.


A note about sustainability practices:

All cards are printed according to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) best practices criteria, using soy or vegetable-based inks on high quality paper with 100 percent recycled content. Whenever possible, shipping materials will also use recycled and recyclable materials as well.