The news of the world — its wars, injustice, and planetary destruction — is everywhere.

If we are paying attention, we are subject to numbness, grief, anger, or fear that can keep us from acting on our desire to be a part of the solution.

How do we deal with our pain for the world? We Reconnect.

  • We come together to share our gratitude, our pain, our joy, and our vision.
  • We move from coping to compassion.
  • We listen to the wisdom of our bodies, our hearts, our brother/sister beings, and our Earth.
  • We open to our creativity, our spark of divine connection.
  • We seek out and rely on community, so we know that that we are not alone.

Through opening ourselves to all that we are connected to, we see with new eyes the possibilities for action.

GAIA Workshops offer classes and workshops to help people move through disempowering numbness and despair toward a deeper sense of clarity and purpose regarding their role in the healing of the planet. As we honor our deepest feelings and gifts, our intention, vitality, creativity, and sense of connectedness deepen, opening a channel of joy and meaning for our work in the world.